Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shawn, Changing Gears

Shawn is quite a gear change for me. Quite tall and with that bicyclist build. I think that comes from being - a bicyclist! But he's all sorts of other things as well, including an experienced model who has worked at NSCAD and the life drawing group down in Mahone Bay.

Those that know me know I change gears very slowly, so apologies to Shawn for not getting all sorts of things right. It usually takes two or three sessions to get work I'm happy with. But he did create some interesting poses, and there are some good things about the drawings that came out, so I'll put them up.

The first longer pose, he just relaxed a bit. We had finished an hour or so of gestures, on top of which he had already worked a full day elsewhere. I've cropped the drawing because I absolutely blew the lower portion - which isn't unusual because of the steep perspective involved. But I quite liked the sense of quiet pensiveness.

The next pose was also interesting, peering surreptitiously through the blinds. Portland St. in Dartmouth usually provides a fair bit of entertainment, what with police traffic and odd goings on. It reminded him of nosey neighbors, and me of a scene from some William Burroughs' novel, especially as it was done at night. Anyway, it was a cool pose that took advantage of the setting, I would have liked to play with it for a couple of hours.

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