Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lisa Not in Green

Friday, Lisa took a really lovely, but difficult, pose. Hard on her to hold (I don't think I could ever tuck into that position, let alone hold it for an hour), and hard to draw, particularly with the slight twist to the head and back. So for me it was good; for her, probably not so much. The result needs reworking (I don't do her or the pose justice), but I think I better wait a session or two before trying it again...

After that was a pose I totally blew (so you don't get to see it), and during a break she curled over to stretch out her back. Being somewhat of an opportunist, and because I love these serendipitous positions, I asked if she'd mind holding it for the position for the last twenty minutes or so. Alas, if there had only been more time!

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