Portrait Sittings and Other Art

If you are interested in sitting for a portrait, or in viewing my art, please feel free to contact me.

Email: caldwell.brobeck@gmail.com
Phone: (902)-464-1892

All work is guaranteed in that if you return the work in good condition (i.e undamaged by external causes), I will refund your money and/or exchange it for a work of similar value.


Portraits are all done on approval - if you don't like the finished work, you don't have to buy it, and I get to keep it.

I prefer to work directly from life. This means a portrait sitting can run to several sessions, depending on the medium; a session runs 3-4 hours, broken into roughly half-hour sittings. Be prepared to be relaxed and comfortable.  I do have a dog (an ancient Corgi), who is very friendly except with other dogs (so don't bring yours).

Other Art Work

If you are interested in my other work (for purchase or not), please contact me to set up a time for a visit. My schedule is relatively flexible. Please note that for now I am no longer shipping work outside the Halifax area.

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