Monday, August 29, 2011

Something different.

Well Hurricane Irene rolled - or should I say meandered weakly - through here. It did trail some great weather in its wake - sunny, warm, and breezy. Like about half of Halifax I headed out to Lawrencetown this morning to see if there was any excitement on the shore. There wasn't much, so I parked myself up at the top of MacDonald Head to sketch in pen and ink (the breeze was a little too strong to break out the gouache, and I wouldn't have wanted to set up an easel for oils).

[The drawing is nib pen & brush, and Sennelier bistre in a little WC notebook]

Years ago a complaint among painters in the Paris countryside was that there seemed to be an easel set up in every corner. These days it's cameras - though I'm not complaining, it's enjoyable to meet & chat with people out enjoying the scenery. The beach itself looked like a camera convention.

BTW - if anyone from the Parks departments reads this - I can understand discouraging swimmers (the currents were pretty strong), but why block off the parking lots? It just means cars get parked along the road, which is hardly safe. Of course they were kind enough to block the entrances to the lots with picnic tables, which were easily moved out of the way. But really, just post "Swim at your own risk" and let Darwin work his magic...