Help Wanted

I am looking for models to work one-on-one for either of the two following approaches:
  1. Traditional figure models. These are generally nude but not necessarily so. A knowledge of traditional modeling, and art in general, woud be very helpful, as would an interest in creating your own poses. You must be at least 19 for this, and preferably older.
  2. Genre models. Genre art is essentially art that focuses on people going about everyday activities. I am particularly interested in working on subjects who are engaged in tasks that require strong focus and don't move around too much. If you are a musician, bring your instrument & get paid to practice (I do have a piano); if you are a knitter, bring your needles and yarn. If you are a writer, bring your writing instruments. It's all interesting. Dress however you normally dress when you do these things. If you have someplace else you prefer to do this work, that can also be arranged.
The pay in both cases is $20/hr. Sex, age, body type are not important; I am very interested in people as individuals, not people as decorative flowerpots. Scheduling is very flexible; I prefer working in 3 or 4 hour sessions. I do smoke (though not around you, if you object), there is a dog in the house, and I am a wretched housekeeper, so be forewarned. I may use a camera from time to time, but only for face and head shots, if I need to work later on details. If you object to this, please let me know, and I won't do so.

If you are interested, please look around this blog (click on the HalifaxCB at the top to get to the main page) for samples of recent work to get an idea of what I do and how I do it. If you are still interested, contact me at