Monday, February 28, 2011

Hanna Prone (and other things)

A great weekend down at the Mahone Bay Center, learning the basics of lithography. Thanks Dan O'Neill (who ran the workshop, and who made an enormously complicated subject comprehensible with a minimum of pain), Ed Porter (who kept things moving), and especially Sally Warren who organized it. As well as the rest of the print group there, who were very generous to a Halifax based interloper.

Hanna and I spent spent most of the afternoon today on a technical drawing which is rather dull, but something I had to work through, after having butchered the same pose on several previous sessions. She's amazingly patient. Maybe now I can actually do something interesting with it!

But the last hour or so was something livelier. The lighting is a bit odd because we arranged the spots for heat rather than visual effect, it was getting chilly in the studio. But they gave lots of interesting little highlights.

24"x36", NuPastel on Kraft paper:

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