Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing Hookey (Again)

Ok, I should be in the studio, but a warm sunny day in Nova Scotia in March is too precious to waste working, especially with bad weather promised for the next few days. So it was off to Duncan's Cove, where I hadn't been for maybe a decade.

The village itself is ratehr interesting - aside from the tasteless white monstrosity built out of an old WWII coastal defence tower (not shown, it really is absurd looking) - which consists of mostly older houses rebuilt in a variety of styles.

The view down the shore towards Ketch Harbour has that windswept barren sense more typical of Newfoundland than this lush (haha) province...

The trail is cut with gorges, which makes it rather unsuitable for children & old pets like Shorty:

There are also left over emplacements from WWII ( the little rectangle on the far left). I can't begin to imagine how miserable it must have been to be posted to these - open as they were to the weather.

And of course it's a great place to meet new friends, like Digby (who apparently owns a marine biologist/scientific editor...)

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