Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hanna, a double session Monday

Monday is a long day; we worked together for the afternoon, and then Hanna modeled for the DASL night class. That left lots of drawings to work through today.

All work is NuPastel n 24"x36" Kraft paper.

This first is from the afternoon session.

The next two were the long poses from the DASL class, a half hour each.

This first one is missing the support behind her head, alas I got lost on Hanna's legs and only had time to sketch in where it should go....

We had been working on foreshortening during the afternoon, so this next position was pretty irresistible, what with things poking up everywhere. My favorite part is the little bit of fingers showing just above the breast, between the legs. The harsh light also lent itself to abstracting the figure; Tony-my-neighbor called it a Group of 7 knockoff :)

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