Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grand Desert, Dyke Rd., #3

This was from my third trip out to Grand Desert:

There's still lots of work to do before I put it away, but it's a step up (I hope) from its plein air origins:

It was an interesting day; when I first arrived, this is what was tearing down from the north, enough to make one feel a little paranoid!

But then it veered east as it passed by. and started crumbling as it hit the water (to the south), and didn't make it far out to sea.

On the other hand, this bank pretty much held all afternoon to the south, moving in but then moving out again, never coming ashore:

While this came in from the northwest, looking positively mountainous:

and passed to the southwest, making for wonderful effects as it passed between me and the sun:

These opened up on the way home (diving west); torrential downpours and high winds followed by clear breaks while driving straight into the sun. Fun and games!

Oddly enough, I don't think I had a directly cloud overhead all day.

And when I got home, it had all gone away, leaving just a lovely sunset:

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