Monday, May 9, 2016


Whoa, it's been awhile. Not that I haven't been busy, though probably a little too distracted by reading. Want some suggestions? I've got lots, from Schopenhauer to my most recent find, The Singing Neanderthals.
Or Arts and Letters Daily (how much time do I waste there?!). Or (especially) b.o.a.t scribbles, thank goodness Avalon Moore only does one page a week, or I'd never get anything done....

Anyway, I've been working with The Artist Known as Ruth for on a prett5y regular basis since last fall. She's a good figurative artist in her own right, which means she brings a lot of artistic experience and background to modeling. I'm going to start putting up more work as I get caught up with the more boring aspects of studio practice - there's a rather large pile of drawings collected over the last while, ready to be edited and either tossed or photographed, as well as a couple of paintings. So I hope to get these up as soon as I can.

But in the meantime, some from last week. All are Conte on either Canson Mi-Teintes, or Fabriano Pastel paper; 50x65cm.

Ruth is very good at rather difficult poses:
(more after the break)
Apologies (well, not really) for the two left arms on this one. Ruth generally creates the poses, but in this case I need something along these lines for a painting I am putting together, but I should have left this one to her better judgement. I had asked her to have both arms up, but the raised left arm proved a little hard after awhile, so Ruth placed it lower. And I think it works better.

These next two are fairly typical in that we often reprise a pose in a "similar but different" manner.  

And finally, this one. Ruth generally creates the poses, but this time I came back into the studio after a short break, and she was relaxing with her phone I asked her if she would mind holding that for a bit; she agreed, and this resulted.

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