Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up with Ruth

Well, I've been very busy these days (somebody has to go outside and keep track of the sun after all). And Billy is back:
That was taken the day he arrived from Alberta - a long plane ride, followed by a swim and a romp in the mud. As you can see, my Venus de Dartmouth is really stressed.

Meanwhile, I have been active in the studio, both with Ruth and Anita.

Several weeks ago now Ruth brought by the banjo she made, pretty much from found items and using simple tools. It's pretty impressive, and I guess I was too busy listening to her play to draw properly. But I would love to do a better one of these, there's something about musicians....

Then we moved into gesture poses 

This following one I particularly like, and I think it indicates the drection I would like to go with more finished work.

My apologies to Ruth for this one, we must have been talking about John Dos Passos and Reginald Marsh at the time:

This one is another favourite:

As for this one, I love doing these odd sort of perspectives...

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