Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Artist and a Writer Walk into a Studio...

And get served the hair of the dog (literally). Sorry about that!. (Ruth is the artist, her friend is the writer.)

Shorty the Corgi doing what he does best - sleeping, shedding, and sucking up to visitors. And all at the same time! (Enjoy yourself Shorty, cause Billy might be coming back next week).

In the next two, Ruth's friend was drawn from her reflection in one of the studio mirrors.

All are charcoal on newsprint, 24"x36". 
These are of Ruth and a friend of hers. It was too nice a day to spend doing anything too formal, plus they are enormously fun to do. They won't last any length of time (newsprint is very biodegradable), but it would be interesting to try and make them into prints...

There was some outside work as well, but those are really bad. It was a little refreshing though to work in charcoal after last week's orgy of colour.

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