Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jennifer Soldiers On

I've been working a good deal with Jennifer recently, though the first sketch here is from back in the winter when she was going through chemo. It was done down in her place, and she has her hands full with the twins! I put it up now because I'm in the process of turning it into an etching (with the assistance of the folks at the print studio down at the Mahone Bay Centre). (pencil on Canson sketch paper).

The chemo and the now radiation haven't been easy for her but she's been a trooper about it. Certainly it left her exhausted at times and she's good at working around that. This first was done several weeks ago, and the next last week and this. All the folling are done in pastel on various Fabriano pastel papers, 55x65 cm. Moving from the neutral Kraft paper to the coloured Fabriano is quite a challenge.
On the other hand, as she gets her strength back, she's once again taking on more difficult poses, like this one recapitulating a difficult pose she took in a photo of herself several years back.
Finally, as she gets strong enough to go back into regular modeling, I got this one at Richard's open drawing session at the Findlay Center with her partner David. Together they always create very evocative poses.
Jennifer will be holding open life drawing sessions for artists in Hubbards, Monday nights, starting June 4.

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