Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elinor Royale

Today was the first session for Richard's life drawing group at the Findlay Centre, and a great kick-off with the Elinor Uberwench as the first model.

Drawing Elinor is always a pleasure - she's amiable, graceful, and relaxed - and today she seemed to have certain je ne sais quoi touching on royal about her today. Plus some new tattoos.

For me, it was pen and ink and gouache. I put a link in because many artists don't seem too familiar with it anymore - to the point where NSCAD doesn't carry the tubed paints and that most wretched of art suppliers des Serres can't be bothered to keep up their open stock. A shame, because it is great for fast sketchbook work. One more thing to order from away...

Anyway here's two from this morning.

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