Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanna Broken

I quite enjoy just sitting and sketching people in daily activities. Airports, restaurants, skateboard parks, and city parks during lunch time are great for this, though it is not always appreciated (especially in airports). I love the unpredictability of it, especially in pan and ink, where you have to live with all your mistakes (and try to get something durable out of the uncertainty).

So yesterday I got - at least for me - a lucky break. Hanna had badly fractured her wrist on Sunday practicing for roller derby; the discomfort plus the pain killers put any posing at all out of the question. Plus to reduce the swelling, her wrist had to be kept elevated. The second lucky break was that it was spectacularly warm & sunny for mid-April here in Nova Scotia (though rather windy). So we lounged around the backyard, chatted, and I got to do pages of (real) life drawing.

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Sandra Heading said...

I constantly live with mine ~mistakes that, but Im to in love to give this thing we call art up ... to addicted dont you think!!! I mean being an artist is a privileged thing not everyone gets to be one ... love your work!