Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hanna Elsewhere

I went to the (roughly) biweekly drawing session run by Richard Rudnicki this morning at the Findlay Centre, and guess who the model was. Lots of new faces among the LDers, it's great to see renewed interest in life drawing in the area.

It's quite a different drawing in such a setting (compared with my tiny but much less formal studio) - especially working perhaps 10-12 feet from the model, rather than 5 or 6. But it's all good (the drawings, not so much).

After the gestures, Hanna took a seated, pretty formal pose. It's actually quite a difficult one to hold, and she did it well. But I wanted to concentrate on her face, which I have a hard time drawing.

The first view is from roughly her level:

but I made her face too squat. So I next moved down to working from the floor ( which I really like doing).

So now her face comes out too narrow. Somewhere there's a happy medium!

Both drawings are NuPastel on 24"x36", but I have cut them down to square to save pixels.

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Jade said...

oh wow, such a coincidence Hanna modeling there, isn't it? Still very lovely portraits of her.